4.30  ct
pkr: 12000

pkr: 4000

6 ct
pkr 2000

1.80 ct
pkr 4400

4.25 ct
pkr: 5000

Sunehla Pukhraj / Citrine

White Topaz

Yellow Topaz

Golden Topaz

Rs : 1600 per caret

White Topaz

Rs : 3000 per caret

Pink Topaz

100 % Natural
Non-Heated and Treated


rate cutting style
60.10 ct

Benefits of Topaz Gemstone
Topaz is called Pukhraj in Urdu. Following are some benefits of topaz gemstone.
Bring mental relaxation and release tension.
Also worn to increase the wealth (you can also keep white or golden topaz in your locker for betterment of your financial matters.)
It helps to increase fame in public; therefore many actors, poet and lawyer wear it.
It helps to increase the abilities and efficiency of a person in his career.
Create a balance in emotions.
Create a sense of love and harmony in rude person.
It is helpful for skin diseases, jaundice, tuberculosis, cough and bones problems.
The person who is facing problems to find life partner, he should wear a topaz ring.