Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yaqoot Stone Information in Urdu

2.85 ct
rs: 5000

yaqoot ko english ma ruby khta hain. ya quwat e aradi ma azafa ka lya bohat mufeed mana jata ha. wo lod jo jald faisla krna ki taqat na rakhata hon wo bhi is sa faida utha skta hain. ya buri cheezon aur dushmanon aur nazr-bd sa bachao ka lya bhi mufeed ha. mazeed maloomat ka lya rabta krain
Benefits of Ruby
Ruby is considered the stone of Royalty. Rubies support the development of courage and will power. It protected from fears and misfortune.
It is helpful for the persons trying to get a high position in the country. They protect the wearer from the deadly enemies, jealousy of others. It increases the managerial skills and initiative power.
It is believed that it strengthens the heart against poison and prevents headaches. It is helpful in restoring health after illness.
The ruby was also considered the emblem of devotion, and as such was permitted in the rings of bishops. It was held to foster the type of devotion which made it possible for the devotee to approach his God with his head up, not slavishly, as if afraid to lift his eyes.
Astrologers, artists, judges, gem experts, sculptors, architects, lawyers, and engineers can use rubies to support their work. Rubies also help cure learning problems.