Garnet 9.90 ct

7.80 ct
Pkr: 3200

Hessonite Stone (Gaomedik)
7.05 ct
Pkr: 5000

Garnet Gemstone 5.60 ct
Pkr: 2500

Pkr: 1500 pr piece


Garnet is a stone of self-confidence, courage, hope, trust, creativity, energy, LOVE and Passion.
It is also useful to create the financial stability.
It brings success and popularity.
It is used for physical as well as emotional healing energy. Therefore it is also popular for love and emotional stone.
It brings hopes in your life.
Garnet enhances bodily strength and repels negative energy.
It helps you to see inner obstructions for personal growth.
It is particularly good in times of change, permitting you to clearly, powerfully see your own responsibilities and attracting loving assistance from others.
To give a gift of red Garnet is believed to be a symbol of love as red rose. It is also helpful to attract your love one.

It provides protection from nightmares.